Celebrate 4th July with a free Burn Resistance Band!

Transform your body and build an unbreakable mindset with the BURN Method

Celebrate 4th July with a FREE resistance band

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A Cutting-Edge Workout Experience

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Get ready for the
Burn 90 Day Summer Series!

Get ready because the BURN Summer Challenge is almost here! Starting June 1st, we're kicking off our very first 90-day program designed to get you in the shape of your life this summer.

We’re splitting this challenge into three 30-day phases, Foundation, Strength, and Sculpt. Each phase will come with a comprehensive guide and an exclusive daily checklist of habits to help you stay on track and ensure you get the results you’re looking for.

Over 90 days you will experience not just an incredible physical transformation, but the most unbelievable inner transformation too. Your mindset, your belief, your confidence, all of it will elevate.

With my guidance, you’ll become a whole new person in just 90 days!

So, get ready to commit, crush those goals, and feel amazing all summer long!

Let’s do this together—you’ve got this, and I’m here to support you every step of the way!

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Okay, so what exactly is “the Burn Method”?

The BURN Method is my proven training methodology that I've developed over ten years, combining killer training programs with expert nutritional advice, and mindset coaching.

It’s the same method I’ve used to transform tens of thousands of women's lives by breaking down those seemingly impossible goals of yours into bite-size 30 day chunks while focusing on mental resilience as well as physical fitness.

And let me tell you…

This combination simply works. Period. It’s a tried and tested method for building your confidence gradually, making consistency feel effortless and keeping you motivated til the point where you finally see the results you’re looking for.

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Why not just follow my online workouts?

It’s a fair question. One I get asked all the time.

The truth is, you most likely found me on YouTube, and the workouts you’ll find there are PERFECT for when you need an intense one off session to get the heart pumping…

However it can’t replace the big picture.

You want to create lasting change, right? For that, you need consistency.

You need a method you can follow that plugs into your everyday routine so that achieving results finally becomes possible.

That’s why you need the Burn Method.

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Just a handful of results from the Burn Method…

See Your Growth In Real Time

So how does it work?

The workouts emphasize sculpting the body with a combo of cardio, bodyweight, yoga, pilates, HIIT and barre training to provide your body with a wide range of training styles to adapt to.

The nutritional principles we follow allow you to effortlessly follow your goals of losing weight or building muscle WITHOUT having to count everything on a scale. in short, It allows you to feel nourished without feeling restricted.

Finally, we have mindset. Here we focus on building your inner resilience with guided mindset coaching, meditations, motivational talks and more so that you can commit to becoming 1% better every day.

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A little bit about me

I’m a firm believer that what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way. Over the years I’ve helped over a MILLION women around the world, by giving them the tools to strengthen their body mindset, and elevate their well-being.As for the technical bits, I have been NASM Certified for 10 years, and am also a Certified Yoga Teacher, 200 hours of training (5 years ago). But that’s not what I’m proudest about…

I’ve created a unique community of beautiful, strong women, over 1.5 million+ strong. A hub where if you want to achieve long-lasting fitness results and positive lifestyle habits can do so - united with others along your journey.

One of my proudest achievements was becoming 1 of only 700 women to have ever climbed Mt. Everest. This transformative experience for me perfectly captures what the Burn Method is all about. Breaking down insurmountable goals in ways that are actually achievable, in order to achieve the greatest milestones in life.I’ve poured my heart into giving you the closest experience to having me as your personal coach, right by your side to help you EVERY step of the way, because you deserve to change your life for the better!

20% Fitness, 80% Nutrition,
100% Mindset

By following my methods in the BURN App, you’ll receive everything you need to build an unshakable mindset and create more confidence, while sculpting a powerful body with…

See Your Growth In Real Time

NEW 30-Day Challenges, Every Month

4 weeks is all it takes to fire up your transformation journey. That's why every month you'll receive NEW exclusive challenges designed to be the building blocks of your long-term transformation journey.

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Discover The Perfect Guide For Your Goal

NEW 30-Day Challenges,
Every Month

4 weeks is all it takes to fire up your transformation journey. That's why every month you'll receive NEW exclusive challenges designed to be the building blocks of your long-term transformation journey.

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A Cutting-Edge Workout Experience

Exclusive Workouts & Training Guides

If you know me for my workouts then you'll love this. Our members-only guides are structured as a step-by-step plan to follow to guarantee results over the long term. So if you’re ready to move past one-off workouts and follow a system that will help you sculpt, strengthen and build over time then THIS IS IT!

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30+ Physique-Altering Training Guides

Develop Mental Resilience

You don’t achieve long-term goals overnight. For that, you need a open and ready to learn mindset. The Burn Method puts a MASSIVE focus on building your mental resilience by giving you;

Expert mindset coaching in-app

Guided meditations to promote self awareness

Motivational talks to inspire and encourage you

Wellness programs to develop an unshakable mindset

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Custom Nutrition For a Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

Workouts, training and effort will only get you so far. Your nutrition is the KEY to long-term success. Inside the app, you’ll receive…

A meal library with 100’s of recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner that you’ll NEVER get tired of trying

Full ingredient lists and step-by-step prep breakdowns so you can master every meal without any cooking experience!

1-1 Nutritional coaching that will help you achieve your body transformation goals faster with personalised plans for your needs.

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Access The THRST Knowledge Library

Access The THRST Knowledge Library

Having workouts to follow is one thing. Knowing how to integrate fitness with your lifestyle is another. As a THRST App exclusive, you’ll receive access to our knowledge library with members-only content on lifestyle advice, training best practices, form perfection, nutrition and more.

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Just take a look at some of the results…

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Get exclusive access to our private Facebook Group where you can directly ask me questions about the app, your personal fitness journey and connect with like-minded individuals.

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Have any questions?

Does the app work in every country?

Yes it does!

Can I download this on android?

Yes you can. The THRST app is available on iOS and Android devices.

I’m new to the gym, is this for me?

Answer: 100%! Each guide is personalised to YOU. Our app expertly formulates a plan catered to your goals, lifestyle and experience.

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"Great App for workouts and well-being."


"Keeps you motivated and positive on a daily basis."

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"Get The Results You Are Looking For!!"


"I ALWAYS feel more confident and capable after one of her workouts."

Marcella Lennae, 01/06/2023

I’ve been following Rebecca for about 5 years but only became a member of the Burn app in January this year (2023) I have to say the best decision I could have made , the App is fabulous, monthly programs you can follow or you can pick your own workout, it tracks your workout and I absolutely love the mindset and meditation section, best workout App around , would 100% recommend this to anyone who is looking to start their fitness, nutrition and well-being journey or anyone who wants to step it up and get better results



This app is by far the best! and Iv tried a lot! it’s easy to navigate around and has everything you need to see results from as little as half an hour each day! Rebecca is super supportive and keeps you motivated each day with different workout which you can do anywhere anytime, I love it 💖🙌💪xxx



2nd edition to the Burn app family from the amazing Rebecca Louise.The new apps simple to use ,clean and fresh looking , fuss free and gives a punch with all the content available.We have a full month calendar of workouts & monthly challenges! Meditation, mindset, recipes and full library of old workouts available at a touch of a button. Plus you have access straight to the private Facebook community. The community is a safe space and full of cheerleaders to cheer you on in your health journey.I give 100/100 for Rebecca’s app to help change your life and health journey. Simply amazing



I love Rebecca Louise and this program! I started following the exercise app during Covid and have since joined the nutrition program which has really upped my game consistently losing weight each week and feeling so much stronger and more confident! Do yourself a favour a join this community!!!